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Best Dental Implants Dental Clinic in HSR Layout Bangalore

Dental implants are best alternative replacement to missing teeth. Teeth Implants are now used as routine treatment procedure for an entire range of problems from replacing a single tooth to full mouth reconstructions. Dental implants are Titanium (post) that is surgically placed in the jawbone beneath the gum line. They fuse with the surrounding alveolar bone and thus acts like a natural tooth root.

Best Dental Implants Dental Clinic in HSR Layout, Bangalore

Raghav's Multi Speciality Dental Clinic in HSR layout is the leading and most trusted Dental Clinic that provides with various Dental Implants procedures including single tooth implants, multiple tooth implants, and complex Full Mouth Reconstruction implants. The board certified In-house Implantologist at the clinic provides you the best world-class & advanced painless Dental Implant procedure that gives you natural-looking and pleasant Smile.

Types of Dental Implant

There are three types of dental implants

  • Endosteal Implant:
    Endosteal implants are the most common type. A surgeon embeds them into the jawbone, and each can hold one or more artificial teeth.
  • Subperiosteal Implant:
    it is an implant design were a surgeon fixes metal implant framework directly on top of the bone underlying the periosteum between the jawbone and the gums. They are used as an alternate when there is no enough adequate amount of bone to support the endosteal post.
  • Zygomatic implant
    They have used as an alternative for the rehabilitation of atrophic posterior maxilla, severely resorbed edentulous maxilla or partially edentulous maxilla.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Every way you look at it, dental implants are a better solution to the problem of missing teeth. An implant is the most natural, cost-effective, and least invasive way to replace missing teeth.

  • Aesthetic
  • Conservative
  • Confident presentation
  • Reliability
  • High success rate
  • Fixed and no hassles of removing it or misplacing it.
  • Better maintainence of bone and surrounding tissue

If you are someone who is left bothered because of your missing teeth and uncomfortability of dentures, visiting Raghav's Multi Speciality Dental Clinic, which is a leading Implant Centre in HSR Layout, is just the right option for you!

Raghav's Medical And Dental Multispeciality Clinic
Raghav's Medical And Dental Multispeciality Clinic