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Raghav's Medical And Dental Multispeciality Clinic, is a Poly-clinic based in HSR Layout 3rd Sector, Bangalore, India. The clinic is equipped with a state of fine art infrastructure , which aims to provide the best dental and best medical services.

The medical fraternity consist of surgical consultation with an experience of over more than 20+ years in General, Gastro Intestinal and Laparoscopic surgery .

Our Dental team consists of an experienced Orthodontist and also qualified Dental Board Certified in-house consultants for all the specialities including endodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry and cosmetic surgery.

Raghav’s Medical and Dental Multispecialty Clinic

Raghav's Medical And Dental Multispeciality Clinic, is a one-stop destination for all the everyday healthcare needs of the family. We offer Consultations under many different Specialties, Diagnostics and Pharmacy, all under one roof.

The clinic aims to provide quick and hassle free access to a wide ranging medical specialists avoiding long waits at clinic. Access to the state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities under the same roof obviates having to go elsewhere for tests and diagnostics. All investigations are performed with utmost care and in the presence of doctors ensuring accurate diagnosis and quality treatment.

The team of Doctors and Consultants are highly trained Medical & Dental Professionals with many years of experience in leading hospitals and many of them having trained both in India and abroad.

Our mission is to bring you affordable and cost effective care without compromising on quality and efficiency. Highly trained specialist doctors, well trained nursing team, friendly support staff and professional management team will ensure that you have a pleasant visit while providing you with best possible medical & dental care day after day.

Raghav's Medical And Dental Multispeciality Clinic
Raghav's Medical And Dental Multispeciality Clinic